Quack!  Quack!   It’s that time of year again.  The Salmon Falls River is rushing over the rocks, powered by an ungodly number of snowstorms now unleashing melt upon us.   Our duck wranglers are in training to identify and crown this year’s winner.   Yes, we are readying for the annual DUCK RACE DOWN THE MIGHTY SALMON FALLS RIVER!

The RGLSC (garden club) will be hosting this wonderful annual family event.  Winners will receive $100/$50/$25.   You can join the winner’s circle by reserving your 2015 ducks here.

We hear that the ducks have been training throughout this long winter:  daily duck aerobics; specialized downstream racing techniques; motivational tapes from Uncle Scrooge McDuck.  Don’t miss this opportunity to have your duck in the quacker’s circle.
Gentleducks, start your engines! 

PS.  Yes, it’s for a good cause.   The RGLSC is a 501-c-3.   On the town’s behalf,  the club manages the 14-acre site on Foundry St that houses the community gardens and nature trails.  The RGLSC also oversees the care and maintenance of the Cross Street Garden Walkway.

Sale of Surplus Vehicle: Invitation to Bid

Vehicle Specifications:
2003 GMC 1 Ton 4×4
Rack Body and Dump
74,101 miles
6.6L Duramax diesel engine
Broken frame both sides in front behind front wheels.
Needs glow plugs.

Click here for additional details about bid procedure.

Bids will be accepted until April 27, 2015 @ 12:00 p.m.

All bids will be publicly opened and read aloud at Select Board Meeting on May 4th, 2015 at 6:30pm.

Infrastructure Updates

Infrastructure Updates – April 4, 2015

Baer Road

The Select Board is joining Dover’s invitation to bid for their seasonal road paving work.  We are hoping to get a better price with this action.   We expect the bids to go out soon.   As a reminder, with our current $150k budget, we are planning to do the following for an approximately one-mile section of the road:  full reclamation, grading, repairing culverts as needed, installing gravel shoulders.   We will put a winter binder on the surface and hope to complete the road the following year, at which point we will apply the topcoat.

Sligo Road Culvert at St. Alban’s Cove

We invited civil engineers from Hoyle and Tanner to review the culvert.   Consistent with other engineers before them, their long-term solution is to replace the culvert.  We are considering hiring them to do an in-depth study of the culvert and propose a short-term solution, within the budget authorized by the warrant article at town meeting, with a 5-10 year lifespan.  They will also provide a timeline and gross pricing for a permanent solution.   We will hold a public hearing when their study is complete.

Partridge Lane Culvert

In the annual report,  the Select Board alerted the town to two other known vulnerable culverts:  on Willey Street and on Partridge Lane.   In late March, the deteriorating culvert on Partridge Lane resulted in a water main break, further eroding the road at the site of the culvert.   We are currently evaluating repair options and the likely source of funding will be the additional $50k that the town added to our road warrant article.

Culvert Inventory

A few months ago we received the results of the culvert inventory conducted by the Strafford Regional Planning Commission and have recently posted them to the web, on the Highway Department page.   The inventory provides stats and pictures of the town’s culverts.   Go take a look!


Road Management Plan

The Select Board has been seeking strategic ways to manage road improvements in town and we formed a project team comprising Jeff St. Jean, Ed Jansen and Suzanne Huard to work on this.   Strafford Regional Planning Commission was able to provide us with some raw data on our roads and we are currently adding fields on usage and current condition.    Stay tuned….

Call for Volunteers

The Select Board is looking for volunteers for one established commission and two new initiatives.   Please respond to Caroline Lamoureux if you are interested and please include a brief paragraph explaining your interest.

We’d love your help and input!

The commission seeks two members to serve as alternates to the commission.    (email Al Dionne for more information)

  • Committee to Review Elected Officials’  Compensation (new!) 

We are looking for volunteers to serve on the newly formed Committee to Review Elected Officials’  Compensation. The committee will look at compensation for elected town officials and make recommendations to the Select Board based on a review of similar communities (provided by the New Hampshire Municipal Association)  or other potential sources of information.  The committee will provide citizens  of Rollinsford with an extra layer of engagement and accountability in setting appropriate salary levels for Select Board, Town Clerk, Treasurer, Fire Chief, and others where appropriate. We expect the committee to  meet prior to each election/budget cycle so those running for town office will know what the compensation is for that particular office.

  • Energy Committee (new!)

We are seeking volunteers to serve on a proposed Rollinsford Energy Committee.  A resident has come forward with ideas and has agreed to help form such a committee.   Possible initiatives include:

  • Bring natural gas to Rollinsford
  • Propose ways to make our hydro dam more productive
  • Bring solar arrays to the transfer station (at no capital cost to the town)
  • Evaluate streetlights:  adopt LED lighting?

School Board Seat Vacancy

The Rollinsford School Board seeks to fill a vacant seat on its board. Interested candidates should send a letter of interest via email or to the Rollinsford School District, 51 W. High Street, Somersworth, NH 03878. Letters of interest should be received by Monday, April 13th. Candidates should also plan to attend the next school board meeting on Thursday, April 16, 2015 at 6:30PM at the Rollinsford Grade School.

Planning Board Public Hearing


Notice of Public Hearing

April 7th, 2015

The Rollinsford Planning Board will hold a public hearing on Tuesday, April 7th 2015 at the Rollinsford Town Hall at 8:00 PM to take Public Comment revision to the following chapters to the Rollinsford Master Plan.

  • Rollinsford Economic Development Master Plan Chapter
  • Rollinsford Recreation Master Plan Chapter
  • Rollinsford Implementation Master Plan Chapter

Copies of the Documents are available for review at the Rollinsford Town Offices and on the Town Web Site at

Respectfully Submitted,

Patrick J. McLin


Rollinsford Planning Board