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Reminder: Earth Day Clean-Up 4.22.18

The Conservation Commission would like to invite you to celebrate Earth Day by participating in trash pick-up in an effort to keep our community litter free.

When:  Sunday, April 22, 2018 at 9:00 a.m.

Where:  Meet at Garrison Players parking lot

Trash bags and rubber gloves will be provided

Conservation Commission Meeting

Rollinsford Conservation Commission

Will hold a meeting at the Town Hall on

Thursday, January, 7, 2016 at 6:pm

 The meeting will be to receive a presentation from the Select Board about the special Town Meeting and adoption of RSA 41:14-a. This RSA requires a review and recommendation of the Conservation committee and the Planning Board.


Albert Dionne

Chairman RCC

Forestry Walk in Scoutland

Join professional forester Charles Moreno for a guided walk through Scoutland in Rollinsford on Saturday, September 12 from 10 am to noon. Over 80 acres of town-owned forest along the Salmon Falls River, Scoutland is conserved by the Southeast Land Trust of New Hampshire (SELT) and is popular with hikers and nature-lovers of all types. Participants will learn about the forest structure and the natural history of this beautiful place, as well as the sustainable forestry work that is planned for the property.

The walk will leave from the Colonel Paul Wentworth House on Water Street in Rollinsford, and will return for light refreshments afterwards. This free event is co-sponsored by SELT, the Rollinsford Conservation Commission, and the Association for Rollinsford Culture and History (ARCH). Sign up by emailing register@seltnh.org.

Partridge Lane Culvert – Related Activities




Thursday, May 14

6:30 pm

Town Hall

The Conservation Commission will hold a special meeting to review the wetland permits associated with the proposed Partridge Lane culvert repair.  We may need to reschedule this meeting if the permits are not ready for review.




Thursday, May 14

7:00 pm

Town Hall

Partridge Lane Culvert


The Select Board invites the public to a hearing re the repair of the Partridge Lane culvert.  Jason Ayotte from Hoyle Tanner Associates will apprise us of the project plan and projected scheduling.   Because of the depth of the culvert and other complexities, we are projecting that this project will cost the town close to $100k.   The board will outline its funding plan at the hearing.

The hearing will follow a Conservation Commission meeting that will be reviewing the wetland permits associated with the culvert repair.  If the permitting is not ready for review, we will reschedule both the Commission meeting and this public hearing.

Call for Volunteers

The Select Board is looking for volunteers for one established commission and two new initiatives.   Please respond to Caroline Lamoureux if you are interested and please include a brief paragraph explaining your interest.

We’d love your help and input!

The commission seeks two members to serve as alternates to the commission.    (email Al Dionne for more information)

  • Committee to Review Elected Officials’  Compensation (new!) 

We are looking for volunteers to serve on the newly formed Committee to Review Elected Officials’  Compensation. The committee will look at compensation for elected town officials and make recommendations to the Select Board based on a review of similar communities (provided by the New Hampshire Municipal Association)  or other potential sources of information.  The committee will provide citizens  of Rollinsford with an extra layer of engagement and accountability in setting appropriate salary levels for Select Board, Town Clerk, Treasurer, Fire Chief, and others where appropriate. We expect the committee to  meet prior to each election/budget cycle so those running for town office will know what the compensation is for that particular office.

  • Energy Committee (new!)

We are seeking volunteers to serve on a proposed Rollinsford Energy Committee.  A resident has come forward with ideas and has agreed to help form such a committee.   Possible initiatives include:

  • Bring natural gas to Rollinsford
  • Propose ways to make our hydro dam more productive
  • Bring solar arrays to the transfer station (at no capital cost to the town)
  • Evaluate streetlights:  adopt LED lighting?

Public Hearing: Timber Harvest in Scoutland




Thursday, March 26, 2015


Town Hall

The RCC will hold a public hearing to answer any questions about the proposed Selective Timber Harvest in Scoutland and the perimeter of the Turcott Field. This is a recommendation from the Forest Management Plan prepared by Moreno Forestry Associates. A copy of the plan is on the website.

For background info see the Scoutland page on the website. Materials will also be available at Town Hall.