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Select Board Meeting 4.30.18 May Be Cancelled

The Select Board meeting on Monday, April 30th may be cancelled because there may be no quorum.

If interested in attending, please call the Town Hall on Monday between 9-1 or email to check the status of the meeting.


Not Getting All the News?


Over the last few months, our webmaster has been working to move our website and newsfeed. An automated system was used to move subscribers, and some users have reported that not everyone’s subscription was moved properly.

If your subscription is working properly, you should have received 4 notices on the 21st (roof work, board & committee openings, rec committee meeting change, voter party change) and 2 on the 20th (bond warrant article hearings, transfer station stickers).

IF YOU DID NOT RECEIVE THESE NOTICES, PLEASE VISIT THE NEW WEBSITE AND SUBSCRIBE AGAIN. The link is at the bottom of the website. Please enter your email address and click subscribe. You will receive an email with a link to confirm your subscription. If you have questions, please contact the webmaster.

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Public Hearings: Proposed Bond Warrant Articles

Saturday, January 21, 2017, 9:00 am

Rollinsford Grade School Gymnasium

Locust Street, Rollinsford, NH

2017 Proposed Bond Warrant Articles


The Select Board will hold Public Hearings pursuant to NH RSA 33:8-a,I on Saturday, January 21, 2017 commencing at 9:00 a.m. at the Rollinsford Grade School Gymnasium, Locust Street, Rollinsford, in order to receive public comments on the following proposed bond issues:

1. A bond issue in the approximate amount of $450,000 to purchase a new fire engine.

2. A bond issue in the approximate amount of $385,000 to finance culvert repairs. 

3. A bond issue in the approximate amount of $190,000 for repairs and improvements to the transfer station


Political Advertising & Signage

State primaries and national/state elections will be fast upon us.  In light of that, the Select Board would like to remind residents that, per RSA 664:17,  no political advertising shall be placed on, or affixed to, any public property including highway rights-of-way; nor shall they be placed on private property without the owner’s consent.    The town reserves the right to remove such signs on public property.

The full statute is as follows:

664:17 Placement and Removal of Political Advertising. No political advertising shall be placed on or affixed to any public property including highway rights-of-way or private property without the owner’s consent. All political advertising shall be removed by the candidate no later than the second Friday following the election unless the election is a primary and the advertising concerns a candidate who is a winner in the primary. Signs shall not be placed on or affixed to utility poles or highway signs. Political advertising may be placed within state-owned rights-of-way as long as the advertising does not obstruct the safe flow of traffic and the advertising is placed with the consent of the owner of the land over which the right-of-way passes. No person shall remove, deface, or knowingly destroy any political advertising which is placed on or affixed to public property or any private property except for removal by the owner of the property, persons authorized by the owner of the property, or a law enforcement officer removing improper advertising. Political advertising placed on or affixed to any public property may be removed by state, city, or town maintenance or law enforcement personnel. Political advertising removed prior to election day by state, city, or town maintenance or law enforcement personnel shall be kept until one week after the election at a place designated by the state, city or town so that the candidate may retrieve the items.

NHDOT Road Maintenance – Main Street

The Select Board has noticed that the  NHDOT has begun its planned work on Main Street.   The project as originally presented to the town this past winter emcompasses maintenance resurfacing of Main Street as well as ensuring handicapped access to/from the sidewalks.   The town has not been notified of the current schedule but anticipates that the sidewalk work will be followed by the resurfacing work.