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Select Board Meeting 4.30.18 May Be Cancelled

The Select Board meeting on Monday, April 30th may be cancelled because there may be no quorum.

If interested in attending, please call the Town Hall on Monday between 9-1 or email admin@rollinsford.nh.us to check the status of the meeting.


NHDOT Road Maintenance – Main Street

The Select Board has noticed that the  NHDOT has begun its planned work on Main Street.   The project as originally presented to the town this past winter emcompasses maintenance resurfacing of Main Street as well as ensuring handicapped access to/from the sidewalks.   The town has not been notified of the current schedule but anticipates that the sidewalk work will be followed by the resurfacing work.

Name Our Newsletter

The Select Board plans to send out a Board/community newsletter with its semi-annual tax bills.   Our inaugural newsletter will appear with the July tax bills and we have asked the Rollinsford Grade School to help us name our newsletter.  The students have picked a slate of candidates and we are now asking the community to chime in on their favorite name.   Please take our quick survey to help choose the newsletter name.

Voting closes on Friday, May 13 and the winning name will be announced on Monday, May 16.

Thanks so much for your feedback!


Monday, May 2 2016

6:00 pm

Town Hall

The Select Board will open its Monday meeting at 6:00 in the Plannng Board conference room to review applications for tax exemptions and credits.  THIS IS  A NON-PUBLIC SESSION.   At the completion of this review, the Board will go into public session and move to the meeting room.  We expect this to happen as close to 6:30 pm as possible.


NH DOT Publishes 2016 List of Red List Bridges

The NH DOT has recently published the 2016 update of municipally-owned red list bridges.  The Old Mill Lane bridge over Rollins Brook remains a red-listed bridge.  Earlier this year the Select Board  requested that the replacement of the temporary bridge (installed in 2013) be placed on the NH DOT state-aid bridge list.  Bridges on this list are jointly funded by the NHDOT and the municipality with the state providing 80% of the costs of design, ROW and construction.  Within the next several months, NH DOT will be providing the town with an estimated project cost for the replacement of the Old Mill Lane bridge.  While the bridge replacement is already on the town’s Capital Improvement Plan the estimated cost has been a wild guess.   We will adjust the CIP with the state’s estimated project costs when we receive them.

Please note that up until 2016, the Oak Street bridge (over the RR tracks) has been a red-listed bridge assigned to Rollinsford.  The Select Board worked with the NHDOT to remove the Oak Street bridge as a municipal-owned bridge and to place it on the state-owned bridge list.

For more details, please see NH DOT Municipal Owned  Red List.  and NH DOT State Owned Red List

Notice of Public Hearings


Monday April 4, 2016

Monday April 18, 2016

6:00 pm
Town Hall

Proposed Sale of Property on Jessie Doe Road

The Select Board proposes to sell lot 10-14-01 (corner of Jessie Doe Road and Church Street) to Rollinsford Realty Trust for $10,000. The lot is approximately 1⁄3 acre in size and is currently assessed at $13,000. Rollinsford Realty Trust will lease the land to C&J Bus Lines for expansion of its operations. The Board anticipates that the property tax revenue on the planned developed lot will be $3,000-$5000 annually.