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2015 Annual Report & Town Meeting

Town Meeting will be held on Saturday, March 12th at 9AM at the Rollinsford Grade School. Childcare WILL be available.

Limited hard copies of documents will be available at the meeting. If you have an electronic device, please bring it with you to view and refer to documents as they are discussed. Wifi access will be available.

Click here to view the 2015 Town Report.


Childcare for Town Meeting

Childcare will be available at Town Meeting, to be held on Saturday, March 12th at 9AM.

The 2016 Town Warrant is available here.

Other supplementary documents are available here.

Town Meeting & Annual Voting

Voting will take place at the Town Hall on Tuesday, March 8th from 7AM to 7PM at the Town Hall.

Town Meeting will be held on Saturday, March 12th at 9AM at the Rollinsford Grade School.

Planning Board Meeting 11/17

Town of Rollinsford



November 17, 2015                        Rollinsford Town Hall                                            7:00p.m.

The Rollinsford Planning Board will meet Tuesday November 17 at 7PM to discuss potential zoning amendments to present to the voters at the 2016 Town Meeting.

The public is invited to attend.


Next regular meeting is December 1, 2015 at Rollinsford Town Hall.

Town Meeting 3/14

Chief Ducharme of the Rollinsford Police Department is concerned about the parking around RGS this coming Saturday for our scheduled town meeting. The chief, our town moderator Joe Caouette and our road agent Jeff St Jean met with the Select Board on 3/9 to review possibilities. Our road agent was able to move some snow banks on Monday and we are currently scheduled to proceed with town meeting this coming Saturday.

Chief Ducharme will have an officer on duty to monitor parking along the streets.

We are aware of possible adverse weather on Saturday. Moderator Caouette will be monitoring the situation and has the right according to RSA to postpone the meeting for safety considerations. In the unlikely event that this happens, we will get a communication out to the website and local media as soon as possible on Saturday morning.