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8/4 Stormwater Committee Agenda

Town of Rollinsford
Stormwater Committee
August 4, 2016
6:30 pm

  • Updates from last meeting
    • Budget?
  • Request to tie into storm drain at 63 Pine Street
  • MS4 Permit
    • Education/Outreach
    • Public Engagement
  • General Discussion

Stormwater Update

Stormwater Assessments

The Select Board has contracted with Public Water Systems Services, LLC to provide Rollinsford with the identification of the town’s outfalls (locations where stormwater empties into a river, lake, etc.) and to identify, sample and assess the town’s storm drains.   To this end, you will be seeing PWSS staff and our road agent in the process of accomplishing this.

The Town of Rollinsford has been an EPA MS4 stormwater permittee since 2003 and as a permittee is required to complete progress on an agreed-upon plan.    The MS4 permit is in the process of being revised with an anticipated issue date of September 2016.   The revised permit will  be more restrictive in nature and the work being done by PWSS is a start toward fulfilling the town’s obligations.
The Board is also in the proces of forming a stormwater committee in order to plan and ovesee our work on the MS4 permit.   If you are interesting in serving on such a committee please send an email to:  caroline.lamoureux@rollinsford.nh.us (or otherwise contact the town).

Grant Awarded for Stormwater Management

The Select Board is pleased to announce that the Piscataqua Region Estuaries Partnership (PREP) has awarded the town a grant of $6,500 to assess its stormwater management standards and adopt model stormwater regulations (via public hearings and ballot votes).

The town has been identified as an MS4 regulated community which requires the town to come into compliance with US EPA stormwater management standards;  these are most commonly implemented by municipalities through zoning or regulations, requiring public hearings and ballot votes.

The Select Board will be acquiring the services of a consulting engineer to help guide this project.  We expect to conduct a public hearing this fall to introduce the town to the issues associated with the EPA stormwater management requirements.