Planning Board Public Hearings

The Planning Board will meet on Tuesday, May 3, 2016 at the Town Hall at 7PM.

Public Hearing at 7PM to take Public Comment on a Home Business Application submitted by Shalla and Sean Melton involving Lot 11-1 Tax Map 20, located at 624 Silver Street in Rollinsford NH. The applicants are proposing a Photography Studio to be operated in an addition to the rear of the current home.

Public Hearing at 7:30 PM to take Public Comment on a Lot Line Adjustment submitted by Vincent and Kathleen Colella of 50 Old Mill Lane in Rollinsford NH.  The application consists of the relocation of the lot line between Tax Map 7 Lots 14 and 15. The proposal would transfer 24.7 acres from Lot 15 to Lot 14. The transfer would increase Lot 14 from 6.5 acres to 31.3 acres and increase Lot 15 from 43.7 acres to 18.9 acres. No additional building lots will be created with this application.

Public Hearing at 8:00 PM to take Public Comment on amendments to the Rollinsford Site Plan Regulations and the Rollinsford Sub-Division Regulations to Comply with the National Flood Insurance Program. Theses updates have been mandated by the state so people in flood prone areas may get flood insurance.

Preliminary Review of a proposed sub-division of a 5.2 acre parcel off of Shady Lane proposed by Jason Lavoie.


  • Election of Officers.
  • Approval of Minutes
  • Other Business


Click here to view the agenda and supporting documents.