Zoning Board of Appeals

Rollinsford Zoning Board of AppealsRollinsford, NH 03869


The Rollinsford Zoning Board of Appeals will be in session on

Thursday, November 5, 2015 at the Rollinsford Town Hall at 7:00pm to hear the following appeal:

Case# 15-03 

Heath and Heather Kelly

11 Cricket Lane

Rollinsford, NH 03869 

Applicants are requesting a VARIANCE to Section 7 Table 7 LOT LAND SPACE REQUIREMENTS where Appellants have 9.5 ft. where 15 ft. is required and Section 8.3 of the Ordinance that requires 529 sq. ft. to accommodate construction of a garage with a dwelling unit in the loft where the Appellants only have 500 sq. ft.


Joe Caouette


Rollinsford Zoning Board of Appeals

Rollinsford, NH 03869