Bus Schedule Change for MMS/MHS Students

To the Parents of Marshwood Middle and High School Students,As we alluded to last week, the school board has made a change in the Thursday morning bus pick-up time for all Marshwood Middle and High School students coming from Rollinsford. The change is necessary because the current plan doesn’t allow the buses enough time after dropping off RGS students to pick up MMS and MHS students and get them to school on time for the late-start Thursday schedule.

The new Thursday morning pick-up time for your MMS and/or MHS children will be the same time they are picked up every other day of the week. The kids will get to the schools early along with approximately 35-40 others from South Berwick and Eliot whose parents opt to have their children go to school at the regular start time. The gym and library are open for students to use and there is staffing at the schools during this time.

This solution was chosen from three possible options:

1. The chosen option outlined above.

2. Picking up all MHS, MMS and RGS students together, dropping off RGS students and then MHS and MMS students.

3. Hire two more buses every Thursday morning to do the late start run to MMS and MHS.

The board eliminated option two due to concerns about having our youngest students on the bus with our oldest students; additionally, this would mean the buses would need to cover more territory, potentially changing the morning pick-up time for RGS students one day each week.

The board is still considering option three. Superintendent Jeni Mosca will get a price quote from the bus company to be presented and discussed at the October school board meeting. We welcome feedback from parents and students on this decision. Until the board has this follow-up discussion and communicates any further changes to the community, students will be picked up at their M,T,W,F pick-up time as indicated on the schedule here. An updated schedule will be posted as soon as possible.

If you have feedback to provide on this decision or questions, please email Rollinsford School Board Chair Judy Nelson at jnelson@sau56.org.

Again, thank you all for your patience and understanding as we navigate this transition.


The Rollinsford School Board