Letter to Middle & High School Parents

To parents of middle and high school students,

First, our apologies for the confusion with the buses this week. We expected there would be an adjustment period with this transition, and now we’ve seen it in action. Please know that the SAU 56 office, the MSAD 35 office and the Rollinsford School Board are actively working to solve these problems.

Important information about morning pick-up times:

There are no changes to the scheduled bus times, please see the schedule posted here to determine your student’s morning pick-up time. Superintendent Jeni Mosca and Superintendent Mary Nash have determined that the Rollinsford students are arriving on time at both Marshwood schools, and therefore there is no need to adjust the pick-up times.

If it is determined at some point that a bus-scheduling change is necessary, we now have an implementation plan in place which will give you a week’s notice prior to enacting the schedule change, and ensuring the schedule changes will be published on the SAU website as well as other avenues of publication, such as the Rollinsford town website.

Important information about Marshwood late-start Thursday pick-up:

Please be on the lookout for a change in your Marshwood student’s pick-up time. Currently, the buses don’t have the necessary time to drop off the RGS students, pick up the middle and high school students and arrive at MMS and MHS for 8:55. Possible solutions for this will be discussed at the next Rollinsford School Board meeting, Sept. 17, approx. 7 pm (after the open house), at RGS. This change will follow the implementation plan outlined above.

Important information about the Marshwood late bus:

There is a late bus is available every Monday – Thursday from both Marshwood Middle and High Schools. The bus will pick up students at MMS first and then pick up at MHS. Something that will help your student make sure they’re getting on the right bus is that the Rollinsford bus will say “First Student” on the side, whereas the others will say “MSAD 35.”

Late-bus pick-up at MMS:

Time: The bus will arrive at 4:00 and remain until 4:05-10

Location: The left side of the school along the parking lot (with the MSAD 35 late buses).

Late-bus pick-up at MHS:

Time: The bus will arrive at approximately 4:15 and remain until 4:20-25

Location: In front of the school (with the MSAD 35 late buses).

Because the number of students and the location of drop off points will differ greatly from one day to the next, drop off times and locations may vary. The goal of the driver is to get the students as close to their regular bus stop while keeping the time spent on the bus to a reasonable amount.

Please feel free to email the Rollinsford School Board with any questions or concerns. For specific questions about your student’s pick up, drop off, time, etc., the most efficient way to get answers is to call First Student directly at 692-4406.


The Rollinsford School Board