Rollinsford to help SRPC pilot new data management system

Beginning the week of September 7, 2015, staff from the Strafford Regional Planning Commission (SRPC) will be driving town-maintained roads in Rollinsford to collect data on road surface conditions and associated characteristics. Additional information on road conditions will be gleaned from meetings between SRPC and Road Agent Jeff St. Jean.

The collected data will be compiled into the Road Surface Management System (RSMS), a data management system developed by the Technology Transfer (T2) Center at the University of New Hampshire in association with the NH Department of Transportation. Rollinsford will be helping to pilot RSMS. The data will work in conjunction with a forecasting model that the T2 Center hopes to unveil in 2016.  

The Select Board looks forward to working with SRPC in the development of a tool that will help Rollinsford (and other municipalities) manage its road resurfacing scheduling and processes with data-driven predictability and transparency.

The Town of Rollinsford is a dues-paying member of the Strafford Regional Planning Commission.