Building Permits

Do You Need a Building Permit?

Are you thinking of improving your house, either inside or out?  Doing some excavation or grading of your property?   Upgrading your electrical service?   If the answer is YES, you probably need a building permit.

There are two instances where a permit is NOT required:  installing a fence around your yard (outside view on your neighbor’s side, please), or painting, repairing/maintaining an existing structure where the cost is less than $1,500.

Building permits are available at town hall and Caroline Lamoureux, our administrative assistant, will be happy to help you with the form.

The Select Board will start the review process of the building permit at the following meeting.  The Board looks to ensure that the plans are in compliance with setbacks and other zoning regulations.

The form will ask you for the value of the planned construction/improvement.   The fee for the building permit is $8 per $1,000 of value plus a $25 administrative fee.

Here is a link to the town’s zoning ordinance on building permits: