Committee Volunteers Needed

We are reposting the request below. We have one volunteer and are looking for two more. We feel that the commitment will be for no more than two meetings to take place sometime this summer or early fall (in time for budget prep for the 2016 budget).

Committee to Review Elected Officials’ Compensation

We are looking for volunteers to serve on the newly formed Committee to Review Elected Officials’ Compensation. The committee will look at compensation for elected town officials and make recommendations to the Select Board based on a review of similar communities (provided by the New Hampshire Municipal Association) or other potential sources of information. The committee will provide citizens of Rollinsford with an extra layer of engagement and accountability in setting appropriate salary levels for Select Board, Town Clerk, Treasurer, Fire Chief, and others where appropriate. We expect the committee to meet prior to each election/budget cycle so those running for town office will know what the compensation is for that particular office.