Public Hearing: Repeal of ATV Ordinance

Public Hearing:  Repeal of 1973 Ordinance on Recreational Vehicles

Monday, May 4, 6:30 pm

Town Hall, Rollinsford


In January 1973, the Select Board of the Town of Rollinsford passed the attached ordinance restricting recreational vehicles on town lands.  From town records, it is unclear whether this ordinance was ever enforced; but, at some point unknown to the current board, it became “lost” to the board and the town.  It was discovered, in the ordinance binder in the summer of 2014.

The 1973 ordinance was passed by the Select Board and, as such, can be repealed by the Select Board.  (The NH Municipal Association concurs that it is within the authority of the Select Board to repeal the ordinance).  Current members have reviewed the board minutes from 1973 to 1990 and can find no further mention of this ordinance, either to confirm its enforcement or to repeal it.

At some point in the past ten years, the Conservation Commission proposed a management plan to the town and it was accepted by vote at the subsequent town meeting.   In 2011, the Select Board signed an agreement with the Tri-City Trailblazers, an ATV club, to allow them to maintain trails in the Scoutland conservation area.   Both of these actions are in conflict with the ordinance of 1973.

Select Board Rationale

The Select Board recommends repealing this ordinance.   Our express goal is to remove a state of regulatory and/or legal conflict that has existed since the discovery of this ordinance.