Infrastructure Updates

Infrastructure Updates – April 4, 2015

Baer Road

The Select Board is joining Dover’s invitation to bid for their seasonal road paving work.  We are hoping to get a better price with this action.   We expect the bids to go out soon.   As a reminder, with our current $150k budget, we are planning to do the following for an approximately one-mile section of the road:  full reclamation, grading, repairing culverts as needed, installing gravel shoulders.   We will put a winter binder on the surface and hope to complete the road the following year, at which point we will apply the topcoat.

Sligo Road Culvert at St. Alban’s Cove

We invited civil engineers from Hoyle and Tanner to review the culvert.   Consistent with other engineers before them, their long-term solution is to replace the culvert.  We are considering hiring them to do an in-depth study of the culvert and propose a short-term solution, within the budget authorized by the warrant article at town meeting, with a 5-10 year lifespan.  They will also provide a timeline and gross pricing for a permanent solution.   We will hold a public hearing when their study is complete.

Partridge Lane Culvert

In the annual report,  the Select Board alerted the town to two other known vulnerable culverts:  on Willey Street and on Partridge Lane.   In late March, the deteriorating culvert on Partridge Lane resulted in a water main break, further eroding the road at the site of the culvert.   We are currently evaluating repair options and the likely source of funding will be the additional $50k that the town added to our road warrant article.

Culvert Inventory

A few months ago we received the results of the culvert inventory conducted by the Strafford Regional Planning Commission and have recently posted them to the web, on the Highway Department page.   The inventory provides stats and pictures of the town’s culverts.   Go take a look!


Road Management Plan

The Select Board has been seeking strategic ways to manage road improvements in town and we formed a project team comprising Jeff St. Jean, Ed Jansen and Suzanne Huard to work on this.   Strafford Regional Planning Commission was able to provide us with some raw data on our roads and we are currently adding fields on usage and current condition.    Stay tuned….