Board votes to contract with York Ambulance Association

At its meeting of June 19, 2014, the Select Board voted to enter into agreement with York Ambulance Association to continue emergency services for the town through the end of December 2014 at the same cost as the town’s prior contract with South Berwick Rescue.  South Berwick Rescue, a private non-profit had been facing financial problems for some time and has recently been absorbed by York Ambulance Association, also a non-profit.

The Board also reviewed a proposal from privately owned American Ambulance of Somersworth that offered similar services at no cost to the town.  Despite the no-cost proposal, the Board was concerned about response time from Somersworth and elected York Ambulance Service.  York Ambulance will maintain the current South Berwick rescue station, located on Norton St.

The Board will be re-examining this issue for the 2015 budget cycle and would be interested in hearing opinions from residents re emergency services.