Select Board Conducts Strategic Planning Session

On April 26, 2014, the Select Board conducted a strategic planning session to set out its priorities for the coming year.

The board reviewed its entire list of pending projects and added other ideas to consider.   After reviewing, consolidating, and expanding the list, the Board then evaluated the projects based upon the following three broad criteria:

  • Compliance:  is the board compelled to address this topic because of its statutory responsibilities or because of state and federal regulations (current or looming)?
  • Efficiency:  would the project provide efficiencies to town government?
  • Revenue:  does the project have a revenue implication:  does it enhance revenues?   does it reduce the outlay of expenditures?

After the evaluation process, the Board reviewed the top projects and made refinements and additions based upon other criteria including the resource capacity of board members and/or the town’s administrative assistant/bookkeeper. (The evaluation process is not a scientific one; it is a mechanism to allow the board to examine the outcome of its thought process and make adjustments as it sees fit).  The Board also assigned a responsible person(s) to each of the strategic projects that it will work on in the coming 11 months (thru March 2015).

The Select Board expects to make this an annual process.