Preliminary Flood Insurance Rate Maps

FEMA has recently sent the town of Rollinsford a copy of the updated preliminary Flood Insurance Rate Maps (FIRMs) and of the updated preliminary Flood Insurance Study (FIS) report for Strafford County.   They have been sent to us in order to provide the community with an opportunity to review them.   Electronic copies of the materials are also available here.   The accompanying cover letter from FEMA is here.

Within the next 30 days the state National Flood Insurance Program Coordinator will be scheduling a visit to Rollinsford to present the results of the study, discuss the information presented on the preliminary FIRM and FIS, discuss their impact on our participation in the National Flood Insurance Program and give us a chance to comment or ask questions.   They strongly recommend that we review as much of the material as possible and to circulate is as widely as possible.

The materials will be available at Town Hall during normal town hall hours.   Please check in with the town clerk or town staff to access them.