Town Forms Advisory Committee on Open Government

In August of 2013, the Select Board authorized the formation of the Advisory Committee on Open Government (ACOG) in order to consider how the town might provide residents with additional public information resources, including the broadcast and/or recording of public meetings.

Mission Statement

The Rollinsford Advisory Committee for Open Government is dedicated to providing transparent town government by ensuring efficient public access to government activity, records and meetings.

The committee has been meeting monthly since October and its current goals are:

  • Develop a mission statement (Completed, November 2013)
  • Recommend that the Select Board reserve a portion of the Comcast franchise agreement fees for the purchase and implementation of technology to facility open and transparent government.  (Completed, December 2013.  The committee recommended reserving $7,500 of the approximately $23,000 of revenue generated by the franchise fee.)
  • Develop a workable process to record public meetings and post to the website (Near-term goal, in process)
  • Recommend an online document storage system to enable public access to meeting minutes, town agreements, etc. (Near-term goal, in process)
  • Recommend town officials use email addresses associated with town domain.  (Near term, in process)
  • Renegotiate the current franchise agreement with Comcast with terms that provide the town with additional advantages, e.g., the delivery of business class internet service to all town buildings. (Long-term goal, in process)

The committee currently comprises five members:

Mike Gillis
Lorraine Hansen
Suzanne Huard, Chair
Tom Lebel
Tia Pass

The committee meets on the first Tuesday of every month in the meeting room of the Rollinsford Public Library (6:30).   These are public meetings and all are welcome.