Property Tax Maps Online

The Town of Rollinsford tax maps are now available to view and download as PDF files. The maps can be accessed via the Town’s website,, click on Property Tax from the top menu or Tax Collector from the left menu.

The maps include all parcel boundary changes made through April 1st 2011 for Fiscal Year 2012. The color parcel maps show the individual parcels along with parcel dimension information, public footpaths, Rights of Way, parking areas, etc. The parcel maps are in ‘pdf’ format and require freely available Adobe Acrobat Reader for viewing and printing.

Property information shown in the parcel maps was compiled from the existing Assessor’s Tax Maps maintained by the Assessor’s Office. Parcel boundary data was NOT compiled through property research and recompilation. The Town and its mapping companies assume no legal responsibility for the information, errors or omissions on these maps.

Just a reminder that the Town of Rollinsford has a tax collect internet kiosk, which allows individuals to go online to look at tax and assessing information, and calculate interest through a specific date. The tax kiosk can be accessed through the Town website, click the property tax review icon, or by going to and select Rollinsford.