Update-FEMA Flood Plain Maps

Select Board member Huard reviewed the draft FEMA flood plain maps on 8/1/13 at the University of New Hampshire.  These will be published in the fall for town review.  During the review process, the NH Office of Energy and Planning expects to work with us to make sure that our ordinances are up to date with regard to the updated maps.    Here is the UNH project manager’s report on next steps:

After this meeting, the next step in the progression of activities will be the publication of the official, preliminary DFIRM (Digital Flood Insurance Rate Map) panels.  This will occur in late September/early October.  We will then conduct Community Consultation Officer (CCO) meetings for Community Officials followed by a larger public outreach meeting that will involve a more formal presentation of the project, the engineering protocols used, and the results achieved.  There will also be a 90 day appeal/comment period; this is an opportunity for anyone concerned with the maps to provide comment and or appeals.