Town Adopts Single-Stream Recycling at Transfer Station

Effective Saturday, December 20, the transfer station will be operating under single-stream recycling for all of its recyclables except for cardboard.

The two open containers previously reserved for glass and plastics will now each hold glass, plastic, white paper, tin cans, and aluminum cans. (See transfer station brochure for details).

We have entered into a contract with Pinard Waste Systems of Manchester, NH, who for a flat fee of $390/month, will pick up our single-stream recyclables each week. While this removes revenue from the town, it represents an overall cost savings. We anticipate a $10,000 reduction in capital costs in 2015 (we no longer need to replace our increasingly ineffective aluminum baler) as well as a minimum savings of $10,000 in annual operating costs.

For now, residents will be using the town’s two open containers for the single-stream recyclables.   In the near future, Pinard will be replacing them with 5 smaller open-top containers.   These new containers will belong to Pinard and the Select Board will review how best to dispose of the two 40-ton containers that the town owns.

We are anticipating that our residents will have a more efficient experience at the transfer station and that the town will enjoy an overall reduction in costs.   The Select Board wishes to thank our road agent, Jeff St. Jean, for his efforts in helping to make these improvements.

(As background to this decision, in September Waste Management of Rochester abruptly refused to accept the plastics that the town had been hauling to them for years, saying that we had no contract with them to accept plastics — or glass. Since then, we have been hauling our plastics to Manchester at a cost of almost $1,000 per month.   The increased expense precipitated our need to examine alternative approaches).

Notice of Public Hearing: Sligo Road




Monday, December 22, 2014


Town Hall


The Select Board is seeking public input with regard to the Sligo Road culvert. The town has been unsuccessful to date in its attempts to procure grant money in support of the culvert replacement and we are contemplating our next steps.

The total cost of the project is estimated at $340,000 (replacing the culvert with a box culvert, re-engineering the topography to manage better the water flow into the culvert, acquiring wetlands permits, etc.)

There are several possibilities (and they are not all mutually exclusive):

  • Create a fund for culvert replacement and seed it annually with money (via town meeting warrant articles).   The culvert would be replaced once there were sufficient dollars in the fund and town meeting authorized using it for the culvert replacement.
  • Continue to search for grant opportunities (and use money in the culvert fund, if authorized, to fund any matching obligation).
  • Propose a bond to fund the culvert repair. (This could stand by itself or be incorporated with additional funds to do road reclamation and repaving, e.g., a bond of one million dollars for culverts and roads).

Select Board Strategic Plan Update

On November 15, the Select Board held its second strategic planning session to develop its strategic plan for 2015.  We agreed that fall, preferably September, would be an optimum time to set the following year’s strategic plan so that the town budget could be built to support the plan.

Despite an abbreviated plan year (the board developed its first strategic plan in April 2014), the board is pleased with the results it made on scheduled plan projects as well as progress made on other strategic projects.

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