Detour Through Rollinsford

Traffic will be detouring through Rollinsford due to the bridge closure in Somersworth (into Berwick, Maine). The bridge will close Friday, April 11th, 2014 at 9:00 am and re-open Monday, April 14th, 2014 at 2:00 PM. There will be additional bridge closures during the summer at times not yet announced.

During these bridge closures, traffic will be detoured from Somersworth into Rollinsford via Somersworth Road, Rollins Road, Silver Street, Short Street, Portland Ave to South Berwick.

Timberland Volunteers Coming to Rollinsford!

The Rollinsford Garden and Local Sustainability Club a/k/a the “garden club” is pleased to announce that Timberland has accepted our application to become a Timberland Earth Day service project.  On Thursday, April 17, 2014, 75 Timberland volunteers will be arriving in town for the day to work on the following projects at the 14-acre Foundry Street site: 

  • Archway Project: Design and construct archway as entrance to community garden using materials found in nature (i.e. limbs, twigs, vines, etc.)
  • Brush Clearing (Garden) Project: Clear brush to open up the community garden space (front entrance, garden beds and stage)
  • Brush Clearing (Trail) Project Clear brush/bittersweet in order to reclaim 60 year-old apple trees
  • Community Garden Enhancements Project: Assemble picnic tables/benches to enhance outdoor stage area and build/ready 10 new raised beds for community garden area (fill with loam)
  • Nature Trail: Blaze nature trail through woods up to the hilltop eagle habitat. Build small bridge over wet area and clear out debris at the site (old tires, etc.)

Timberland has been partnering with local community groups for over 20 years and brings a wealth of experience and enthusiasm to this effort.  Timberland not only provides the volunteers but also the tools, materials/supplies and organization to make this a success. 

The RGLSC will provide lunch to the volunteers and we are currently working on finding sponsors to help support this.

We are also planning to host an open house for town residents at the end of the day to help us celebrate the day of service and also kick off the community’s new trails and garden expansion.  This is a beautiful piece of property that we want our residents to enjoy for many years to come.   Please stay tuned as we work out the details.

The RGLSC thanks Timberland for this wonderful opportunity.   We also thank our growing list of supporters and sponsors:

         Town of Rollinsford:  $200

         Rollinsford PTO:       $200

American Legion:  use of parking lot and bathroom facilities (Timberland will also supply porta-potties)

If you would like to contribute to our efforts, we will be at the PTO penny sale on March 30 at the American Legion (12-4) conducting a membership drive.

Initial Election Results

Selectman: Michael Rollo 190/Verne Crosier  140

Town Clerk: Kate Nesman 308

Fire Chief: Mark Rutherford  244/Christopher Carroll  93

Town Treasurer: Bev Dionne 206/ Ken Ward 134

Moderator: Joe Caouette 297/ Charles Putnam 18

Trustee of the Trust Funds: Julia Roberts 304

Library Trustee: Paula Woolley 315

Cemetery Trustee: Bob Nesman 12

Budget Committee (Three Years): Madeline Cambo 216, Al Dionne 213, William Irving 225

Budget Committee (One Year): Denise Knowles 272

Further results to follow.

Town Meeting is Saturday, March 15, 9AM at the Rollinsford Grade School.